Transformational Life Coaching?

Unlike counseling, which often focuses on understanding the past, or consulting which is typically advice-based, this form of coaching operates predominantly in the present moment and the infinite possibilities of the future. By putting purpose and intention into action, we not only explore deeper meaning in the client’s life, but begin to create a new environment and experience in the way that the client chooses. Even small steps can create big results, and the coaching relationship generates momentum, propelling the client forward into what they truly want.

Moving You Forward

I master at getting the best out of you

For over 30 Years I have worked as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. I decided to surrender my license and work from the greater Freedom provided by Life Coaching. I bring the power and Wisdom of Mindfulness Training, and years of Guidance experience for helping you achieve your Goals. Richard H. Pratt, Ph.D. You are the only one who can make a transformation in your life - but I want to help.

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